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United Nations NGOs trade personnel with US federal agencies to bypass treaties, or the lack of them, to foist their leftwing agenda on Americans. Many federal employees traded to NGO are taxpayer paid.
Our fascist, left-lurching federal government. Ug!
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September 5, 1997 #51
by: Doug Fiedor

The next major federal government scandal is just starting to get legs in the press, thanks to the Dallas Morning News. That is, under a law known as the Intergovernmental Personnel Act, the federal government "lends out" 1,200 to 1,500 well paid federal bureaucrats to left-wing non-profit organizations each year.

If anyone wonders how the United Nations Non- Governmental Organizations (NGO) fit in with the federal government's regulatory agencies, here is part of the story: They regularly trade employees back and forth.

A while back, we reported that the relationship between United Nations NGO's and federal agencies, like the EPA, was so tight it appeared there was a revolving door between them. Now we learn that many of these people are kept on the federal payroll, even while working for the NGOs.

Many federal agencies give grants to nonprofit groups. Often, federal regulatory agencies even offer grants to nonprofit organizations that use the money to sue the agency. It's all a big game, with a well orchestrated game plan. Their plan is to grab power, and the game plan is working well.

The idea is for nonprofit NGOs to use taxpayer funds to force federal agencies to regulate the American public in ways the NGO desires. Many of the laws and regulations these NGOs want promulgated would be much too harsh to get passed through normal means. So, they trump up some "need" or "violation," whether environmental or health, and the NGO sues the regulatory agency in court. The courts then "force" the federal regulatory agency to regulate whatever. Hence, it's a synergistic relationship. The federal regulatory agency ends up with more power and churns out even more regulations, forcing American citizens to act according to the wish of the NGO.

It's all very simple and very effective. And, our elected representatives in Congress are kept completely out of the loop.

The American taxpayer pays for some or most of the operation of many NGOs through grants and the loan of paid federal employees. With these grants, and other donations, the NGOs sue federal agencies, and hence force the desired behavior of American citizens. As is part of the plan, the federal agencies intentionally lose in court. Because, by losing in court, the regulatory agencies gain more power over the American people.

Add the fact that many of these regulatory agency people regularly bounce back and forth between the agencies and the United Nations NGOs, and a very interesting problem becomes obvious: Who is actually running our government?

As nonprofit organizations, these NGOs may receive donations from any source, including United Nations organizations and multi-national corporations. So it is no surprise that these nonprofit groups sometimes receive donations from businesses and business organizations wanting to force specific actions by the federal government. In these instances, the nonprofit NGO may then act as a "backdoor" lobbyist, appearing as a nonprofit citizen's group while actually doing the work of a professional lobbyist organization. And, because these nonprofit groups have such close ties with regulatory agency personnel, their lobbying efforts are usually very fruitful.

So it should be no surprise to anyone that many United Nations and UNESCO programs are being implemented in the United States even though, officially, the federal government has approved no formal agreement. Congress abdicated its duty to make law to the regulatory agencies years ago. Over the years, these federal regulatory agencies have become infested with personnel who have very close ties to United Nations Non-Governmental Organizations. Therefore, treaties and agreements are not always necessary for the United Nations and UNESCO to work their will on the American people.

Congress, as mentioned above, is completely out of the loop. There is no longer anything they can do about any of this except to watch. Unless, that is, they again begin to honor each and every word of our Constitution, as written.

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