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Janet Reno says: ban all guns.
Our fascist, left-lurching federal government. Ug!

"The most effective means of fighting crime in the United States is to outlaw the possession of any type of firearm by the civilian populace."

Janet Reno, our current US Attorney General, at a 1991 B'nai B'rith meeting in Ft. Lauderdale, FL.

MS> Are you sure Reno said this?

Published and cited in the OCT issue of GUNS & AMMO. Page 28 very first paragraph.

Date: 09-25-96 11:29

From: Rich Willbanks

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Janet Reno says: ban all guns.
Finally the feds admit it: we the people are their new enemy. ENEMIES OF WORLD ORDER
Senate Votes to Ban Bomb-Making Info
Letter on the Terrorism Bill: the Feds are the terrorists.
US military using black helicopters in practice night raids against "terrorists".

Battle Flags, Etc.

Finally the feds admit it: we the people are the new enemy.
Our fascist, left-lurching federal government. Ug!

Addressing a May 13th session of the Senate Appropriations Committee, FBI Director Louis Freeh stated that the focus of the federal government's domestic anti-terrorism efforts are "various individuals, as well as organizations, some having an ideology which suspects government and particularly the federal government, of world-order conspiracies - individuals who, for various reasons, have organized themselves against the United States." Allowing that action against such groups requires "some indication of criminal activity." Freeh made it clear that the chief domestic "enemy" consists of "individuals who espouse ideologies inconsistent with principles of federal [sic] government" - in short, right-wing extremism.

The May 13th Senate committee session also disclosed the existence of the previously unknown Presidential Decision Directive (PDD) 39, which, according to Freeh, "sets out the responsibilities not only of the FBI, but emphasizes most importantly [inter-agency] coordination, which is required among all federal agencies to discharge the objectives of the federal policy with respect to terrorism." Freeh noted that "there is particular emphasis in that plan for coordination between the Department of Defense and the Department of Justice" in matters of chemical, biological, or nuclear terrorism, or threats to the infrastructure (highways, power grids, etc.).

Both PDD 39 and recently enacted federal anti-terrorism legislation have led to significant amalgamation of federal law enforcement and intelligence agencies. Freeh proudly referred to "coordination with our other partners, and particularly our partners in the CIA. We have exchanged deputies at a very high level between the FBI and the CIA in the counter-terrorism areas....The deputy at the CIA's counter-terrorism center has been and will FBI agent. We have conducted joint training with the CIA, conferencing, operational planning across the board."

In addition, Freeh explained that the FBI's new counter- terrorism center "contains representatives of 16 other federal agencies dedicated for the first time to a central collection, analytical point, in the federal government for threats, particularly those regarding domestic terrorism."

None of the senators expressed misgivings about the consolidation of federal law enforcement, intelligence, and military functions, or about the implications of directing those newly consolidated powers at a domestic "enemy."



The New American
Insider Report, p.7
June 23, 1997
Web Site:

Tyranny has perhaps oftener grown out of the assumptions of power, called for, on pressing exigencies The Federalist No. 20

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Janet Reno says: ban all guns.
Finally the feds admit it: we the people are their new enemy. ENEMIES OF WORLD ORDER
Senate Votes to Ban Bomb-Making Info
Letter on the Terrorism Bill: the Feds are the terrorists.
US military using black helicopters in practice night raids against "terrorists".

Battle Flags, Etc.

Senate Votes to Ban Bomb-Making Info

by Rebecca Vesely
From WIRED news 12:09pm 20.Jun.97.PDT

Our fascist, left-lurching federal government. Ug!

The Senate has voted 94-0 to tack onto a Defense Department spending bill an amendment that would prohibit the distribution of bomb-making instructions in the United States.

Although the word "Internet" is not mentioned in the four-page amendment, the legislation would outlaw Web sites, newspapers, magazines, and books that publish instructions on how to make a bomb - such as The Anarchist's Cookbook and The Terrorist Handbook. Violators would face fines and prison sentences of up to 20 years.

Sponsored by Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-California), who has been trying to get the legislation on the books since 1995, the amendment passed Thursday is narrowly written to include only the distribution of material that has an "intent to harm."

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Janet Reno says: ban all guns.
Finally the feds admit it: we the people are their new enemy. ENEMIES OF WORLD ORDER
Senate Votes to Ban Bomb-Making Info
Letter on the Terrorism Bill: the Feds are the terrorists.
US military using black helicopters in practice night raids against "terrorists".

Battle Flags, Etc.

Letter on the Terrorism Bill: the Feds are the terrorists.

by David C. Treibs

Our fascist, left-lurching federal government. Ug!

Dear Congressman,

Sorry this letter is so long, but then again, I have to read all the extremely long, complicated, and boring tax forms Congress authorizes, so please take the time to read this letter. And you don't even have to send me 25% of your income.

The terrorism legislation charging through Congress, and other miscellaneous bills that compliment it are unacceptable and must be vigorously opposed by you and like-minded colleagues.

Many components of Bill Clinton's proposed terrorism bill are bad ideas he has not been able to pass until now.

The bill is an expansion of federal power and an intrusion into the lives of the people, an erosion of the protection from and security against the federal government that would not be considered by Congress under normal circumstances.

Ammonium Nitrate: The Bureau of Sharp Knife Dulling

The arguments used to render ammonium nitrate non-explosive are the same arguments used against firearms ownership, namely, someone might misuse them and harm others. It is also commonly argued that only evil people wishing to perpetrate evil deeds could possibly want such destructive capability, and only by removing items with destructive capability can we protect society. These arguments are just as spurious for fertilizer as they are for firearms.

It is not possible, nor should it be our goal to legislate a society wherein all potentially harmful or destructive items are removed or controlled or tagged for future identification. This level of control is generally pushed by those advancing a left-wing utopian society where human evil is attributed to the environment or to what is available. According to these people, the problem is primarily the fertilizer, the firearms, the formulas, etc, not mad men who made the bomb.

In a free society, harmful items such as firearms and fertilizer are available, and if someone misuses them, the misuser is severely punished, but the entire society is not punished by denying them the good benefits of said items.

Colonial Cannons and Other Large Weapons: Privately Owned

While fertilizer isn't explicitly covered by the Second Amendment, the principle behind it is that the people retain the means to defend themselves from a tyrannical government, insurrections, invasions, etc. Firearms ownership as a bulwark against tyranny is further augmented by the wide availability of materials that could be converted to DEFENSIVE purposes, should that dreadful possibility become reality.

Outlawing Encryption: Free Speech, As long As Government Can Read It and Approve It.

It used to be that we the people were sovereign. We kept a mistrustful eye on the government, and we carefully scrutinized and monitored what our government did. That idea has been stood on its head. Now the government distrusts us, and it wishes to monitor and scrutinize every word we utter through any medium of any sort.

The feds already have access to our mail, our phone conversations, our financial transactions, our medical records, our travel records, etc. Now they want access to one of the only remaining secure channels we have left, encrypted computer messages. If it were possible, they'd probably also access our thoughts, just to make sure there was nothing in our heads of which they would disapprove.

All The People Are Criminals (We The Criminals of the United States...)

The unspoken assumption is that we the people cannot be trusted. If we don't want the government to know about it, it must be immoral or illegal. The government must have access to our every word, because we might be concealing criminal activity. We might be planning something evil. We are all potential criminals. We cannot be trusted!

Tian An Men Square Revisited: Sic The Military On the Citizens
(Or, Revise the Posse Comitatus)

A standing army was a great concern to the Founding Fathers because of the threat it posed to the government and to the citizens and to liberty. Since we have a standing army, we need to heed their fears and place as many barriers as possible against the military abusing citizens. An untouched Posse Comitatus Act is one needful barrier. The only acceptable revision is to remove the drug exception so the military cannot be used against citizens even in this capacity. (I strongly oppose drugs, but even more, oppose using the military against citizens.) Save the military to fight wars, not to fight the American people.

House to House Searches, To Prevent Crime

One interesting note is that recently when our military was used in foreign countries and in US territory--Somalia, Haiti, Puerto Rico--they spent their time policing the streets. Their duties included stopping individuals and vehicles, and going house to house, searching for guns and drugs, and confiscating whatever they found. Will the military now conduct a policing and disarming campaign against Americans? (Why, of course, it will be to search for 1200 pound bombs and other items of mass destruction, and failing to find any, they will just happen to find all sorts of firearms. Naturally, the weapons will have been obtained in good faith, in accordance with HB 666, right?)

Attorney's General Attack Forces (HB 97): Neutralize Armed Citizens

What crimes or problems are currently not handled competently by local police or the FBI? I think there are no crime problems that justify these attack forces. What, then is the real reason for them? I and many others consider these attack forces to be a direct response to the formation of militias, armed religious groups, and resistance to federal authority that is growing in many counties and states.

If armed Americans are indeed the target of these forces, then it seems we have become the enemy, and with the passage of this legislation, we will be treated as such. I find it plausible that we are viewed as the enemy, because left-wing gun control types, including the President, spout thinly veiled hate, similar to this from Rep. Charles Schumer:

APRIL 5, 1995
"...NRA and the gun lobby [are] use[ing] this committee to stage yet another pep rally for guns and gun nuts.

"But the intellectual content of this hearing is so far off the edge that we ought to declare this an official meeting of the flat earth society.

"Because the pro-gun arguments we will hear today are as flaky as the arguments of the tiny few who still insist that the earth is flat.

"...Second Amendment fanatics just don't get it.

"The Second Amendment....does not guarantee the mythical individual right to bear arms....

"The NRA's Second Amendment is an empty cereal box in the market place of ideas.

"Now, one might say, so what? The NRA and its friends in academia and the Congress are entitled to their opinions, aren't they? What harm can come from peddling these phony opinions?

"The answer is that plenty of harm comes from it.

"The first -- and most serious -- harm is the poisoning of our political dialogue.

"The NRA and its friends -- some of whom serve in this body -- have planted a poisonous weed of political paranoia in the minds of hundreds of thousands of Americans.

"This barrage of cynical, fund-raising NRA propaganda about the Second Amendment has convinced many people that there is a vast plot to seize their guns and "take away their rights."

"The sickening fruit of this poisonous lie are obvious in our society.

"Right wing hate groups are arming themselves to answer a purely imaginary plot with real gun violence.

"And every day, members of this body receive...the most vicious, hate-filled mail imaginable, inspired by this biggest of NRA lies.

"This is dangerous sickness.

"I charge the NRA and others who encourage this rasping political hatred to take heed.

"You are sowing seeds that will bear the bitterest of fruit.

"But the NRA and the gun lobby go nuts when society seeks to impose even the slightest inconvenience by way of licensing or registration on the minority who own and use guns.

"This is madness."

According to Schumer, we are mad, sick, paranoid, hateful, threatening, violent, dangerous, fanatics, nuts, flakey, ignorant, unlearned, liars, the authors or murder and mayhem, we are poisoning America, etc. Apparently, we aren't even entitled to our opinion on the subject, because it is so dangerous to society. Also, I wonder why we should "take heed", and what will be the "bitter fruit." Are they planning to do something about us, since we are so dangerous?

Schumer and his kind, including the President, the Attorney General, the head of the FBI, ATF, etc., all have supreme hatred for us, our ideals, our arms, and our determination to hold the feds to the Constitution.

A Scary Possibility

We the armed people have been declared the enemy, the military is to be turned on us, our means of communication will be monitored and any secure channels will be illegal, many of our guns are already banned, anything that could possibly be used to manufacture resistance munitions will be neutralized, the federal agencies adversarial to our rights and liberties are to be beefed up, and a new federal military strike force is to be created to deal specifically with us.

Shut Up and Go Along With the Program

In spite of all the above and more, we are urged to be calm. Senator Kerry and others are saying we must cool the inflammatory rhetoric lest we stir up more violence. Should we good people be silent because a few crazy people committed a horrible crime? Because of this tragedy, should we withhold the warnings against this latest federal power grab, and should we forget about the unconstitutional power the feds have already amassed? No way!

Perhaps we should be silent because an unstated threat hides behind the call to silence. Perhaps we will be suspected of ill thinking and illegal doings, and perhaps we will be the target of phone taps, mail censoring, monitoring, IRS audits, and midnight raids by machine-gun toting, jack-booted thugs. Will this coerce us into silence? No!!

Many of our grievances stem from federal agencies--ATF, EPA, OSHA, DOE, etc--that have no Tenth Amendment authority to exist, much less to do what they do. They are coming to take our land, our guns, our property rights, our businesses, our money, our children, our privacy, our sovereignty, and our freedom. This encroaching federal monster is backing the citizens into a tighter and tighter corner. We will not be silent nor acquiesce to their tyranny because of a few crazies.

Friend of Bill: Bloat the Fed, Strip the Citizens

You stood AGAINST Bill Clinton's Crime Bill, which was calculated to strip citizens of potentially dangerous firearms that are occasionally used in crime. In so standing, you stood for the principle of enabling the people to resist tyranny. Will you now stand WITH the President's efforts to further bloat federal power, and further strip the citizens of our privacy, our protection from the military, our means of secure communication, and a means of defending ourselves from the feds?

Why the Terrorism Legislation At All?

It seems there are two reasons for this legislation.

1. President Clinton's opportunism--he's using this tragedy to push his agenda: to empower the federal government, and to weaken the citizens.

2. Public outcry for you to "do something."

Remember what happened after the Kennedy assassination. We are still suffering from the 1968 Gun Control Act. Legislation passed in response to the tragedy has resulted in decades of unnecessary suffering and even the murder of citizens.

Don't repeat the Mistake of 1968.

If you absolutely must pass something, speed up the trial process for murderers, and make sure they are given the death penalty, and make sure it is carried out quickly! And while you're at it, do something about immigration so foreign terrorists, like the World Trade bombers, can't come over here.

One Wrong Doesn't Justify Another

Just as it is always wrong to set off bombs in crowded market places, it is equally wrong to pass legislation strengthening the federal grip on the people, and weakening the people's ability to stand against their government.

Don't take Bill Clinton's side. Stand with us, the people, and vote against the terrorism bill and the other legislation companion to it.

I wish to hear from you on this matter. Please don't send a form letter.

For Liberty,
David C. Treibs

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Janet Reno says: ban all guns.
Finally the feds admit it: we the people are their new enemy. ENEMIES OF WORLD ORDER
Senate Votes to Ban Bomb-Making Info
Letter on the Terrorism Bill: the Feds are the terrorists.
US military using black helicopters in practice night raids against "terrorists".

Battle Flags, Etc.

There Is No Such Thing As A Black Helicopter

Excerpts from Howard Phillip's Issues and Strategy Bulletin April 30, 1997

Our fascist, left-lurching federal government. Ug!

The Washington Post (4/13/97, p. 1) reports that "A dozen U.S. Army Black Hawk helicopters, their lights out, descended from the night sky March 4 on a corner of Charlotte, N.C. They swooped among the high-rise apartment buildings, then dropped dozens of special operations troops, some with their weapons blasting, into an abandoned warehouse to capture a group of ‘terrorists.'"


"Some terrified residents grabbed their guns. Others ducked into doorways. The 911 line went crazy, as did Mayor Pat McCrory's telephone line. "‘I could barely hear the callers because of the helicopter noise and the gunfire in the background,' McCrory recalled."

Local Police Surrender Local Accountability

"Neither McCrory nor his police chief was sure what was going on. But they had a clue: Three months earlier, two men in jeans and T-shirts from the secretive U.S. Army Special Operations Command had visited McCrory's office to ask permission to conduct urban counterterrorism exercises they said would go unnoticed. McCrory signed a confidentiality statement agreeing not to disclose the event beforehand or national security's sake."

Blitzkrieg Training Authorized By Gop Congress

"‘We were misled,' said McCrory, who was forced by the public outcry to kick the Army out of Charlotte after the first of what was to have been three days of urban antiterrorism training. ‘How they thought you could come in and out without any disturbance is beyond me. It was almost like a blitzkrieg operation. People went and got their guns. I feel fortunate no one was hurt.'"

At Least 21 U.S. Cities Are Subjected To Population Control Training By Commander-In-Chief Clinton's Defense Department

"Over the last three years, the U.S. Army Special Operations Command has conducted at least 21 such exercises in 21 U.S. cities, including Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Detroit, Houston, Los Angeles, New Orleans, Miami, Pittsburgh and Seattle."

We The People Are The Last To Know

"In city after city, the exercises have drawn fire from frightened residents who are not told beforehand that the several roaring helicopters flying in circles several hundred feet overhead late at night — blacked out except for one that keeps on its tiny red tail light for safety — are trying to get as close as possible to the buildings they appear about to crash into."

Real Explosives Used To Open Doors

"The confusion and fear caused by their invasion is compounded when residents see dark-suited figures sliding down ropes dangling from the choppers and then begin firing loud blanks from their assault weapons. The simulated sound of grenades and incoming artillery often follows, as does, in some cases, the sound of real, small breaching explosives used to blast open doors.

"To top it off, local police are on hand to keep traffic away from the exercise site — typically an abandoned warehouse, jail, apartment building — but often refuse to tell motorists what the commotion is all about. Likewise with 911 operators and news media offices, which are not alerted to the exercises beforehand. Several callers to state law enforcement agencies have been told to call the Defense Department in Washington for information."

Who Invited Them?

"Last June, troops were forced to leave Pittsburgh early because of the uproar. In Houston, a night's exercise was cut short when a helicopter landed hard, rolled over and its two occupants were hospitalized. Thousands of callers to local media there demanded that the troops leave town. ‘Who invited them?' demanded one caller."

"Exercises in a previously quiet Chicago suburb panicked residents there in 1995, and in 1990 exercises in Los Angeles were curtailed after inquisitive television and radio stations sent up helicopters to investigate a practice invasion above their city skyline and created a safety problem."

To Whom Does Our "Standing Army" Report?

"After the Charlotte exercise — code-named Exercise Cauldron Chariot — the Federal Aviation Administration launched an investigation because the Army failed to coordinate the exercise with it....

"‘And they don't want their equipment photographed. They don't want their tactics, operations and procedures known.'...

"Army officials say it has become all the more important that their troops be skilled at flying into an urban obstacle course of skyscrapers and towers and inserting teams of special operations troops: Green Berets, Rangers, the 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment and the supersecret Delta Force....

"The exercises also draw criticism from citizens worried that the Army may be secretly training local police and SWAT teams, which is forbidden by U.S. law under most circumstances. The possible participation of U.S. troops in the 1993 Branch Davidian debacle near Waco, Tex., in which more than 80 people died, is still hotly debated within some circles."

Is This An Impeachable Offense?

"U.S. law greatly restricts the type of training the military may conduct with domestic law enforcement agencies. Pierce said local law enforcement agencies only provide support by blocking off roads, for example. Never, he said, did they train with special operations troops.

"But some local police believe that joint training is part of the exercise.

"Such was the case in Pittsburgh, where the Army brought in 14 helicopters and 200 special forces troops last June to practice at the former Allegheny County Jail, a downtown subway station, a former hospital, a vacant steel mill and an empty, 750,000-square-foot airport.

"Craig Edwards, assistant superintendent of Allegheny County Police Department, said the Army exercise was ‘a big joint effort' that trained city and county SWAT police. ‘We thought it went extremely well. Naturally, being police officers, we thought it was extremely necessary.'"

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Janet Reno says: ban all guns.
Finally the feds admit it: we the people are their new enemy. ENEMIES OF WORLD ORDER
Senate Votes to Ban Bomb-Making Info
Letter on the Terrorism Bill: the Feds are the terrorists.
US military using black helicopters in practice night raids against "terrorists".