Battle Flags, Etc.

Battle Flags' Choices:
The Best Pro-Gun Sites on the Web

Constitution Society--best site on the web for Constitution info, books and just about everything else

Gun Owners of America---"the only no compromise pro-gun group in Washington"

Jeff Chan's Firearm Page--excellent source of pro-gun info

Constitution Party--uncompromising, principled, Constitutional, unlike the Republican party.

Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership---staunchly pro-gun, no holds barred group

NRA - Home Page---largest pro-gun organization, great info, unfortunately, they compromise,

50 Caliber Shooter's Association ---info on .50 caliber weapons
(Buy one NOW! And buy a second one for a friend.
But, buy from an individual, not a dealer.)

Gospel Plow--Christian's Guide to Small Arms, and other stuff. This site is down. I can email you a copy of the Christian's Guide to Small Arms, if you are interested. If you have contact information for the author of this site, let me know.

No Greater Best site there is for raising children the right way.

God and Gun Control--Research detailing the Bible's viewpoint on private ownership and use of firearms.

Gun everything legal on gun rights, fantastic Second Amendment research, articles, history, founding fathers articles, etc.

Students for the Second Amendment--educating and hands-on training for college students in Second Amendment issues, and firearms! We support them!

Products We Whole-Heartedly Recommend:

World's best text editor: TSE Pro/32, made by Semware. I use it and wouldn't consider using anything else.

PGP: Pretty Good Privacy. Encryption. Read the documentation! This link takes you to the author's home page where you can link to a free copy of the commercial version, or you can support the author, and buy it from him ,

Locate Ammunition: (I don't endorse them, just list them) ,

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Battle Flags Awards:

Freedom Home Page of the Week

Heritage of Freedom Award for Internet Excellence

Lady Liberty Rabble Rouser Award

Awards from the other side:

The 'Come and Take It' Rabid Right Anti-Gun Control Propaganda Page
Barf Bag site of week

Here, to give you an insight into just how twisted and paranoid these right-wing folks really are, is one of their premier sites. Here you will discover that the UN's desire to save the lives of over 300,000 civilians each year (mostly women and kids) is actually a devious plot for "global disarmament." You will discover that the destruction of terrorists' guns in Bosnia was a bigger tragedy than the mass killings committed with them (complete with "shocking photos"). Take your air sickness bag along.