Come and Take It Flag With .50 BMG, (c) David C. Treibs, 2001.

Item # CATI3-5BMGSP.

The regular price for these flags is $39.00, plus shipping, and tax if any.

However, if you buy one of the BMG Come And Take It flags for $55 or more (plus shipping, and tax if any), I will include a photo of the monument at the site of Lexington Green, where British troops, marching to seize militia weapons, fired on the minutemen. The monument contains a quote from Captain Parker of the minutemen who said: "Stand your ground. Don't fire unless fired upon, but if they mean to have a war, let it begin here." I cannot think of a more appropriate quote, nor can I think of a more appropriate flag.

The Come And Take It flag serves three major purposes:

1. To prompt people to examine gun control from a historical perspective, so they can see from the past that gun control has been the work of tyrants, and those resisting gun control were standing for liberty;

2. To provide the pro-gun community with a symbol encouraging them to fight in the face of overwhelming odds, and more importantly, to never compromise the Second Amendment;

3. To warn those promoting gun control, that they are walking in the footsteps of tyrants, and that we cannot acquesce to their destruction of our rights and liberty.

The 1835 version of the Come And Take It flag depicts an artillery weapon that was current military ordinance back in 1835 (at least it was a diminutive version of then-modern cannons). But, the California legislative assembly, the federal government, and other government bodies are not coming to take our breechloading, black powder, smoothbore fieldpiece. They are coming to take modern artillery--the .50 BMG. Therefore, to more accurately depict the struggle over .50 BMGs, we replaced the 1835 cannon with a modern cannon, a .50 BMG rifle.

With a historical flag representing our cause, it should witness that we who fight those who would disarm us are not extreme or radical, we are merely walking in the footsteps and in the well-beaten paths first trod by our forefathers. Our historic flag declares our historic cause.

Now, with an updated flag, no one can say the flag is only about a struggle between Santa Anna's thugs and Texans 167 years ago in the far away and distant past that offers no bearing today and has no relevance in today's struggle over .50 BMGs.

Now, anyone who sees the flag will consider that history is repeating itself today, and that those in power are aligned with tyrants of old -- Santa Anna, King George III -- that gun control is nothing new and is nothing more than the schemes of evil men working to subject the good and the innocent to tyranny and servitude. And perhaps, when people see the flag, they will choose the side of those resisting the marching thugs, and will take their place in that long line of patriots, minutemen, and freedom-fighters who have stood against wrong for hundreds of years.

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