April 3, 1993, Waco, Texas
A few miles from the Branch Davidian home/church, 16 days before the final assault

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An eyewitness account of the events depicted in the photographs.
which were taken April 3, 1993, 16 days before the final assault.
By David C. Treibs.

5:30am woke up.
Went to Jack DeVault's house where we met with Mike Schroeder and Jack to head
to Sam's Wholesale as our rally point.
Arrived before 7am. Others were gathering, including men, women, children, and
at least 1 baby.
Some made their signs.
We left around 7:43 am, with at least 25 people, which I counted 1 at a time,
caravaning to the hill above the roadblock, after picking up Gary Hunt who
said he had power of attorney for Koresh. He said this came about because
during an interview on the radio which Koresh was apparently listening to, it
was asked if K wanted someone come to Mt. C, and if Koresh wanted Mr. Gary
Hunt to act as his attorney, or to have power of attorney, and the satellite
antenna moved, indicating a positive.
 We stayed on top of the hill for 10-15 minutes.
One vendor guy was selling buttons to support the ATF, and was
arguing with some in our company that this (Waco) was his area and he
supported what ATF was doing and we were wrong.
On arrival at the roadblock we saw brown suited DPS, ATF, Texas Rangers, Waco
Police, lined across the road. One ATF guy had an all black suit and bullet
vest. The ATF were in full gear, with bullet vests and either M-16s or AR-15s,
MP-5s with both magazines loaded, and shotguns. The ATF each had a sidearm,
and most of them had several additional mags for the sidearms. Some of the
longarms had mini mag flashlights attached on the business end. We met up with
folks from Dallas, Austin, and several other places.
The media, including someone working for KTSA, interviewed a number of our
people. It seemed there were more media than us, and more police than us. We
had at least 40-50 people, because at least 25 people came from San Atonio.
Some of the ATF were spread out beyond the road, as if to keep us from
venturing around the block. They were all holding their rifles, as you would
expect in any military operation.
The media gathered on one side of the road, and media and us congregated on
the other side. Many cars came and went through the roadblock, some of them
seemed to think they were very important and smart, and gave us
condescendingly scowling looks or finger wags. Some local residents came by
just to see what was going on today, to get the latest scoop.
Some time after arrival, some bigmouthed rather obnoxous guy came and started
picking arguments with anyone who would argue. John Zimmerman took the bait,
and a rather heated, loud discussion ensued. The media quickly flocked around
this altercation. People from our side tried to quiet JZ and any others down,
saying the dude was an ATF plant trying to make us look like bozos. Someone
said the ATF also has sympathizers or plants at press conferences who rescue
ATF whenever a good line of questioning was playing out by asking trivial
When it became apparent our numbers were too small and the police numbers too
large, we left to go to the 2nd location, on Frazier road. Everyone was
hollaring "plan B", but half the folks didn't seem to know what that ment.
Gary Hunt handed out flyers showing a map of where to go with instructions.
and I think most everyone finally figured out where that was.
We began caravaning there in a rather unorganized fashion and stopped in front
of a huge field where the flag staff and the tower could be seen. There was a
plot of trees ahead of us which some were pointing out as good cover should we
try anything.
Overhead every once in awhile a Huey copter with 2 men on each side with their
legs dangling off the endge, I could make out "FBI" on one jacket, each with
an M-16/AR-15 or some other rifle watched us. The helecopter landed at one
point in the field, and several times flew quite close and slowly around us.
We waited around for someone to assume leadership and do something. THere was
talk about going over the barbed wire fence to the field to try to walk
towards the church. Initially we could have done something, because there were
few police and ATF, but soon enough they arrived with large numbers and 5 or 6
went out into the field parallel to us to keep us from trying to make a break
for the church. Eventually more went into the field, and some DPS, at least 1
with a shotgun went into the field also.
It was at this point I noted at least some of the AFT had bright yellow
markings on their chests saying AFT POLICE, and on the other side, a yellow
patch/badge saying US Special Agent.
John Jr used a bull horn to speak to those in the field, asking them, in a
polite but firm way things like: who's field are you tresspassing on? do you
have permission to be there? how many of us are you willing to shoot to
collect your paycheck? why aren't the local police handling the situation?
where is your spokesman (someone said they overheard an ATF guy say, yeah,
that's a good question, we don't have a spokesman here), what are you going to
do if we cross the fence? does your oath include allegiance to the
Constitution? and many other questions. I overheard 1 press person say he was
asking good questions. John was not being antagonistic or belligerant.
Someone told me at least 1 press person said he/she would follow us if we
went into the field. I don't know what we would have accomplished, except to
get certain legal items dispensed with.
We were contemplating spreading out about 50 feet apart, and perhaps see what
happened, but ended up deciding to begin walking spread wide apart down the
road and force them to also thin out, and see what happened, and we did. The
guys in the field followed parallel to us.
Before we started walking, a few police were standing together chatting, I
overheard one of them say, I wonder where that old dip is wandering off to,
referring to Jack DeVault. I think these were the same guys I heard say we
were thinking about going over the fence. I stepped up to the group and
politely asked what would be the charge against anyone who crossed the fence,
and the DPS guy walked up to me put his face in mine, pointed his finger at
me, and said, you stay out of my conversation, and I'll stay out of yours.
Well, so much for being informed about what penalties we would face for our
contemplated actions. He had a rude attitude. Wasn't much of a public servant
to help people.
Later we found out the DPS (we saw their yellow van when leaving, blocking
most of the road, and at least they let us out) had blocked off the road and
wouldn't let any other of our folks in, and several of them left or went to
Before too many police arrived, an old couple who was with us told me they
were leaving because they were afraid we would all be shot. I tried to
convince them otherwise, but they were too afraid, and left.
We walked to the end of the road, that was also blocked off by many police and
vehicles. There also we spoke reasonably, well, some of ours didn't, asking
them why were they allowing the feds to do the state's and local's job, things
about the constitution, and so on. THen we returned. It drizzled on us a
little at this time.
Some of the ATF guys started walking to the fence, figuring we were leaving,
and one bright-curly-white haired guy engaged me first, and then Gary Hunt. I
asked him to pose for a picture, he said it's a free country. Gary said he
said he was a vietnam vet, GH said hope to not see you again, cause we might
be on different sides again, they then got serious, and GH said the guy said
if we get on opposite sides, and the implication was things might get violent,
the ATF guy said, " you better keep your head down." I heard GH answer he was
good at that.
I talked with one of the Libertarian guys about what would happen if we got in
a shooting war, we both agreed we would probably lose, even though we were

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